In John chapter 15, Jesus describes our relationship to Him as being like branches connected to a vine. The branches receive their vitality from the vine, and that connection results in the branches bearing much fruit. We, as disciples of Jesus, are connected to the true Vine, Jesus Christ. We draw our spiritual vitality from Him, and through that connection we are blessed to bear the fruit of faith.

The Life Measures assessment is designed to aid you as a disciple of Jesus in measuring your growth in bearing fruit in Jesus' name. To start the assessment, click on Life Measures above. Revisiting the assessment on a periodic basis can help you see how God is helping you to grow as a disciple of Jesus.

It is our prayer that the Life Measures assessment will become a valuable and helpful tool for each of us and all of us who are a part of our "Community Following Jesus."

God's Blessings!
Pastor Mark
The Rev. Dr. Mark R. Schulz, senior pastor

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Additional Resources

Vicar Ben Vineyard's pamphlet: "Disciple Formation Practices" (also available at both campuses)

Mike Breen's Building a Discipling Culture and Launching Missional Communities